Poll Watchers Needed!

We need your help!

Marshall County Republicans are organizing a Poll Watcher program in the Marshalltown and State Center precincts. 

We believe that if we are present, we can discourage shenanigans or worse. 

I have created a document of information directly from the Secretary of State's website and Marshall County's Election website. 
I believe it is quite comprehensive and hopefully shows what a poll watcher can (and cannot) do.
Anyone may volunteer at any precinct, so you can vote in your precinct and still volunteer in another.

We are asking volunteers to take a 4 (or 5) hour shift - 8 to noon, 12 to 4pm, and 4 to 8 or 9pm.

Reed will be available via phone to any poll watcher the entire day and can come personally to whichever poll there is a question.

Please let Reed know when you plan to volunteer. 

Reply to:             MarshallCountyGOP@gmail.com

Reed Riskedahl, Republican Chair

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