November 4, 2014 General Election - Republican Candidates

Iowa GovernorUS Senate1st Congressional District
Iowa Secretary of State
Iowa Auditor of State
Iowa Secretary of Agriculture
Iowa Attorney General
Iowa Treasurer
State Representative District 71
State Representative District 72
Marshall County Supervisor
  • Bill Patten
  • Dave Thompson
Marshall County Attorney
  • Jennifer Miller
Marshall County Treasurer
  • Jarret Heil
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19 Central Committee Meeing

2016 Presidential Candidate Kerry Bowers spoke at our Central Meeting.

A Call to Arms!

A Call to Arms

Independence Day, our celebration of becoming a free and self determining people, has come and gone. The kids have returned to school to prepare themselves forlives ahead. Labor Day, our acknowledgement of everyone who is or has contributed to the building of this great state and nation, is quickly approaching. And there is an election on November 4 for local, state and federal offices.

Much is at stake in this election. Not the least of which are preserving those Independence Day freedoms and liberties for ourselves and future generations. We must protect for the children the opportunity for self determined personal success so that we see their joy as they embrace the realization that success is sweetest when it is earned through ones own effort, toil, dedication and innovation. And we must honor the greatness of our past without apology so we may fully credit those whose labors made that greatness a reality.

In being an Iowan and a member of this great republic we call the United States of America you are automatically a stakeholder. You have the opportunity and the responsibility to claim that stake for yourselves today, for the children’s’ tomorrow and for those, in days past, who built all which we currently enjoy.

Find a candidate, chose a cause, and help protect our past, present and future. Do not wake up with a November 5 “what if” hangover and think what could have been. Volunteer, donate, vote!

Peter G. Rogers / Chair
Marshall County Republican Party

Monday, August 11, 2014


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