😠  I am truly horrified to share this news from a Marshalltown lady:

"My husband, while trying to stop the third theft of a TRUMP sign from our neighbors yard was purposely hit by the thief's car."
He sustained multiple serious injuries . 
"He never dreamed when going out to tell them to “Stop, don’t take the sign”, that he’d be run into by the car."
"What kind of world are we living in where you can’t display a sign in your yard without the concern of it being stolen and/or being physically injured because of your support of a candidate?"

The Marshalltown Police were called, it was investigated and a person was arrested. Fortunately the injured man is recuperating at home, but will be healing for several months!

This is what we are facing in simply supporting our candidate! IN MARSHALLTOWN!!
Humanity is degenerating as we face our political foes.

We support Law and Order.
Please be sure that we do not stoop to behavior that we would not be proud of. 
Unfortunately our electoral opponents and their "voters" have shown they have absolutely NO scruples.

Make sure you vote, and encourage as many conservatives as possible to do the same!

Please share this so Everyone can know this doesn't just happen in "other"places!

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